Friday, June 15, 2012

Packing - on the road again!!!!

I missed a post yesterday.  I apologize.  I have been so busy getting ready to go on our family trip.  I have grocery shopped, changed the oil on the car, got the car topper, took the dogs in for their vaccine updates, and  packed, packed, packed!!!!  Our car is packed to the brim.  There is barely room for a tiny   thimble.

I will be posting along the trip so you can live vicariously through our family adventure.  We are going to Yosemite, Cobb CA (staying at Jellystone Park with Yogi bear!), visiting the Redwoods, and Manresa State Beach outside San Fransisco.  I am so excited to take the kids there.  We have been planning and saving for the trip for months and it has finally come.  I was up in the  are over 20 years ago and so I am so happy to have the chance to take my kids here and let them experience this for themselves.  Bella is amazed that there are trees big enough to fit a car through.  But I will post pics of the trip and it will be a unique What I Wore Wednesday this week as it will be all grubby and camping clothes!!

We did have a chance to release our butterflies! They are all grown up.  The kids had so much fun letting them go, this will definitely be a repeat.  I see us ordering more caterpillars soon.  I really hope that none of the butterflies laid any eggs- we will be gone and I would hate any to not have any food.

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  1. I love the redwoods!! We took a trip up there a couple of years ago, very beautiful! Have so much fun with your family! Can't wait to see pictures of all of your adventures.