Tuesday, June 19, 2012

A Lovely Drive Through Wine Country

We are staying in Jellystone Park today.  We arrived here yesterday evening and it was a long day.  The 5 hour drive turned out to be more like 7- kids and dogs, I tell ya'.  But we got to drive through Napa yesterday and it was amazing.  You have to drive slow- the speed limit was only 35 driving through.  It was a blessing for the slow speed since we were forced to view the gorgeous hillside vineyards and adorable shops along the way.  Torture, Man!!!

We got to Jellystone at 6 pm and set up camp by 7.  By then it was far too late to cook- we were starving.  We went into Kelseyville, CA - this area is a small town, so finding a place with gluten free vegan food  was a challenge.  We stopped at a small sports grill and I ended up with a baked potato with onions and mushrooms and peppers on top and a side salad.  I also munched on a peach for dessert.  It was the best peach EVER!!!!

This morning we were about to make coffee and realized we forgot the matches and so we went into Cobb, CA and found an adorable Mountain Coffee shop- I will have a pic for that one up tomorrow!!!  But the coffee was fantastic- and CHEAP!!!! $1.50 for a small organic coffee.  I put in some soy milk and honey and YUMMMMMMM.
We even found an amazing roadside farmer's market- ok there were like a hundred!!!!!!  But we found a great one and bought 1 pound of peaches, 4 ears of corn, a basket of squash (which is like 3 zucchini and 2 crooked neck), 2 tomatoes, home made corn nuts, 3 honey sticks, and some salt water taffy for Bryce all for $10!!!  It was such a fabulous find.

If you have never visited Northern California- I strongly suggest doing so.  It is completely different than Southern California and the views are amazing.  Today we plan on seeing Yogi and exploring the campground.  We may even have a hayride and a late night movie!!!

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  1. Northern and Southern CA are so very different! Glad you guys are having fun so far...the ca fruit is AMAZING!! Looking forward to more pictures of your adventures!