Sunday, June 17, 2012

Celebrating Father's Day Right

So yesterday was Father's Day.  Most people have a bbq, give their dad's cards, buy DQ ice cream cakes (that's what the commercials say, right?) We did a lot of that- no dq ice cream cakes, but lots of other stuff!

We went to Yosemite National Park.  We hiked in an open meadow and down to the Lower Yosemite Falls.  We had Dole fruit pops in the car on the way back- they were just what we needed to cool us down after a hike in 97 degree temps! (and a bit healthier than dq ice cream cakes...we will stick to that story) We saw 5 different species of birds (we counted since there was a contest!), we went swimming back at the campground and had a ton of fun- despite all the kids cannon balling us and flipping into the 5' deep pool- I pulled out the inner Mom/teacher and warned them they could be paralyzed- Bella was a wee bit embarrassed but the last thing I wanted to see on our vacay was a kid floating in the pool face down and paralyzed.

We came back to the campsite and roasted "tofu pups" and rolled them up like pigs in a blanket!! (ok so the gluten eaters did, I unfortunately couldn't get the gluten free bread to bend so I winged it old school).  Then we had some amazing gluten-free/ vegan s'mores. I used Kinnikinnick graham crackers, endangered species dark chocolate, and Sweet and Sara vegan marshmallows.  Which by the picture you can tell were a BIG hit, they were amazing!!!! All in all it was a good day.  I think Daddy was pretty happy with his day! He even got a Napoleon Dynamite Father's Day card, cause he's got skills!!


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