Saturday, October 30, 2010

Another interuption

So I know it has been some time again. We have had so much happening. My uncle passed of prostate cancer and I had to spend time with my family.
God seems to call me often to speak truth to people. To point out ways that they are not following His word. This is such a challenge to me- who is SO not perfect. I feel so judging even though it is not my judgement or words. This, I believe, is God's way of making sure I will follow Him even though it is not comfortable.

The big issue that I see lately is the disconnect between the church in America today and the bible. Our view of Jesus has changed from who he was. We water it down, make him "Buddy Jesus" and allow ourselves to justify our deviations from his word. I am not saying that we won't mess up, but we excuse our sin and justify that we are human in an attempt to make ourselves feel better for living in a worldly way. We, as Christians, need to be living differently. Not just avoiding drunkenness, sexual frivolousness, or drug use and cussing, but all things that are worldly. Our purchases- cars, clothes, homes, we spend money the way the world says we should. God doesn't want you to just tithe. If He has blessed you with income, we need to give until it hurts. Explain your multiple homes to a sister in Asia who cannot even worship without threat of losing their life, their job, etc. Being a follower should not be comfortable. We should give until it hurts.

Divorce in the church is the same rate as out of the church. That is a staggering fact that is sad. We in the church, who know the truth of God, excuse our choices by our comfort and our own dissatisfaction in life. I am not saying that if you have already divorced that you cannot be covered in grace, but you must truly repent to be covered. We cannot sin and live in sin and say, it's OK I will be covered by Grace. That is abuse. Romans 6:1-23 talks against this very thing. Now I myself struggle with choosing God over myself. I have to die everyday to my will. Sometimes I die with a gracious love and sometimes I die struggling the whole time.

Television is another area that we tend to fit in with the world. Think about the tv shows or movies that you watch. Are they pleasing to God? Are they raunchy? Are they bloody or gory? Are they something that you could invite Jesus over to watch with you? If you did- would he stay?? The term garbage in and garbage out fits here.

These are SOME of the areas that many Christians today seem to be missing. We need to take a long hard look. When Jesus invited people to follow him he didn't make it easy. He told them to not say goodbye to their families, not to go to their fathers' funerals, to sell EVERYTHING and give it to the poor. He didn't water things down to get people to follow him. He made following him HARD. He made it hurt, he twisted people's brains in an effort to get only hardcore lovers
of Christ in his "church".

Take a look at the things in your life. Is there an area God is calling you to dump? It may be hard. It may be "too much". That will be the determining factor in whether you choose him or the world. What Jesus are you following? The one who is in the bible? Or the one who looks like you???