Friday, March 18, 2011

It's Been Awhile

I know it has been sometime since I have posted anything. Things were crazy around here. This has been a time of growth and learning in our home. God allowed a hurricane to come to our family. But the God that He is- Praise Him!- brought us through the other side even stronger.

I saw prayer answered more specifically than I have ever seen it. In the midst of this strong storm, where my family was so close to crumbling, I had wonderful help and counsel that was wise to draw me closer to God. The people I kept close were those who kept me faithful, who kept me focused on Christ.

In all of this I was reminded of Peter's experience walking on water with Jesus. Jesus came close and called him out of the boat. Everything was fine, when his eyes were on Jesus. The second he took his eyes off of Jesus, he sank. That was true in this circumstance as well as everyday. When the waters are raging around us, the only thing we can do is keep our eyes on the creator of the storm. He holds us in his hands and keeps us so close. James 4:8 says draw close to the Lord and He will draw near to you. That is so true and it became very real to me.