Thursday, June 28, 2012


I have been married 5 and 1/2 years.  Sometimes it was an absolute joy, others, not so much.  I always heard that marriage takes work.  It does.  Marriage is definitely not for sissies!! But more than work- it takes determination.  

I see so many people divorcing here or there.  Sometimes it is for an honestly good reason.  But often times it is not.  It is simple irritation that builds or not doing things the same way.  Well here is a tip- no two people do everything the same way.  There are times that I get frustrated because my husband is different; he has different priorities,different hobbies, different style, different budgeting habits.  But the best part of marriage is that his different soon becomes part of me.

When we got married we were soooo different-  I was the free spirit-type, more liberal in my politics, very very organic and green, etc.  He was the exact opposite.  Very black and white thinker, very conservative, didn't care about the planet, etc.  We have met in the middle over the last 5 and 1/2 years. There were always ties that bound us together- similarities, but the differences would irritated each of us sometimes.  If I had just decided to quit, I could have.  But we have worked through very difficult situations together- ones that a lot of people would have left each other over.  But we worked it out.  

God said that the two will become one flesh- Genesis 2:24.  But that doesn't jet mean sexually.  It means that eventually you will become one.  Eventually you each move a little more like the other, eventually you each share more similarities than differences.  It takes time.  But it happens.  Think about the older couples that are out walking together and seem so much alike.  It didn't just happen that way, they didn't find someone just like themselves.  It happens over time.

If you are married- stick it out.  Be patient.  Be determined.  Pray daily for your spouse.  Take the "D" word completely out of your vocabulary.  

If you are single- prayerfully seek out your spouse. Don't jump into marriage, it is a serious commitment.  This is the person you will raise your children with.  But go into it knowing that it is until "DEATH" do you part.  


  1. Such a good post!! I should have you guest post for my blog for Marriage Monday :)

  2. Thank you! I would love to guest post anytime

  3. I completely agree. Thank you for sharing your heart! Marriage is incredibly hard work! We never see divorce as an option, I do think there are Biblical grounds for divorce but I do believe that if there are two willing hearts God can work out any marriage relationship. We've been married for 4 years and just in the last year God has really done a work in us to bring us closer together and make us "one". It's a lifelong process :)