Hello and Welcome!!.  I am glad you are stopping by to hang out for a bit.

My name is Danica I am blessed to be the mother of four amazing little ones and as for any more- ??? Each one of my kids has blessed and challenged me in new ways. I praise God that I get to know them all.

I have been married for 8 years to the best man in the world for me.  He is a wonderful provider and partner.  I am a lucky lady!

Our family is a natural living. We are trying to get our farm off the ground and have been going back and forth on that for the last few years. 

I also have an autoimmune disorders which I will most likely bring up from time to time-  I have hoshimoto's thyroid disease. I am living proof that you can live a full and healthy life even with a disease or two!!!  I also may have celiac and try to live gluten free.

The name of this blog is Living Out Obedience because I want my life to be in obedience to God.  I want to be a living witness to the power of Christ in someone's life.

My goal here is to first and foremost offer Godly wisdom- he is my reason for living and I follow Him where he leads.  Hopefully I can offer  a few healthy living tips, and some other fun stuff as well.  So, grab a green smoothie or some kale chips and stay awhile!!!

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