Thursday, June 21, 2012

Mercies Disguised

The entire reason we went to North California was originally to go to the Redwood National Park.  I had visited when I was a small child and loved it, so I wanted to take the kids to see them for themselves.  However, I didn’t want to camp in the national park with kids- I made that mistake  before.  The kids were restricted and we didn’t have that much fun.  That was when I looked up the Jellystone Park that would be in the area. I originally thought it was only 2 hours from the national park.  We would be able to do both.  
However, when we got here we found that it was more like 4-5 hours away.  And we had planned out the gas for the trip for it to be 2 hours away.  We tried and tried to make it work.  It just was not going to be possible.  I was so incredibly bummed.   After a night sleep I was renewed, still  a little sad, but ready to see what God had planned.  Later that evening when I was driving in my car a song came on the radio- what if my greatest disappointments are your mercies in disguise.  That was exactly what this had been.  It had been such a blessing to spend the day not rushing here and there but just relaxing with the kids, swimming in the pool, walking down by the river, and just being together.   


I was so saddened to not get to the Redwoods.  I really wanted to go.  But they will be there.  We can go another time.  We made it to Yosemite and are heading to San Fransisco.  It was soooo worth it to enjoy the day with my kids.  To relax with my husband and not be stressed from rushing and rushing here and there.  Sometimes things don’t go as planned but God’s plan is always what we need!!!

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  1. LIKE! Glad it all worked out :-) -L