Friday, July 27, 2012

Friday With Friends

Today was Friday- it is officially the weekend!! We got a head start on weekend plans.  We went through all the kids' clothes and got rid of A TON of stuff, washed their sheets, scrubbed some crayon off the wall, and even ran a few errands.  We accomplished quite a bit- so I felt it was deserving to go and visit some friends who I had not seen in several years.

They were staying a few miles away at a campground in the National Forest.  I drove out there- barely beating the rain- to hang out with them for a bit.  The last time I had seen them Kai was only a baby, and as a matter of fact we were trying to decide if they had even met Kai.  We got there, after driving around the forest for a bit and stumbling upon their campsite by chance, just in time for the rain to come down.  Luckily they had an awning set up we could sit under.

The kids had a blast running around finding bugs and climbing trees with my friends' kids.  They all got good and muddy- as is the marker for a day well spent in childhood!  And came home exhausted.  There was no fight this evening for bedtime!!! (I am contemplating taking them to the woods to run around every evening before bed).

It is always so good to see friends you haven't seen in awhile- which is part of the reason we stayed for so long talking.  It was hard to leave, knowing that we wouldn't see them again for another year or perhaps longer.  But thankfully Mark Zuckerberg created this nifty little internet tool called Facebook and we can be a part of each others' lives from across the world.

Thursday, July 26, 2012

Thursday- no craft, but hiking fun

I know I said I would be doing Pinterest crafts on Thursdays.  I still plan to.  I have a big one staring me in the face- I am procrastinating (partly because of the lack of a belt sander and stencils that I would need for the project but also because it is a big project that is a bit daunting).  But today there is a better reason I didn't do a project.

I took my kids hiking up a mountain to some caves with some other moms from our local MOPs group.  We had so much fun.  My kids were their typical selves- Arydona was making friends with the moms and being unique and creative turning an old camera into her "GPS" and Kai was running with the big boys and making playdate plans (without my input).

It was fun getting out and hiking and getting to know the other moms better.  I feel like we are finally getting to know people well here in town and it is such a great place to be.  Also getting to see the kids explore  nature hands on is such a wonderful experience.  The excitement of seeing the lizards, exploring the caves, holding rocks; it is all so very magical for them.

So, I am sorry that I didn't get a chance to do a project for you, today.  But my kids had such a great time exploring and we did something much longer lasting than a craft.  Hopefully I will get a project done next week- heck, maybe two!! But this week we hiked.

What I Wore Wednesday- Fail

Again, this week I won't be linking up.  Summer is so busy!! This week Bryce was working day shifts and I was running to Dr appointments.  I didn't get any pics done for What I Wore Wednesday.

On the other hand, I loved having my husband home in the evenings to hang out with.  He is so fun to spend time with!!!!! I like having him around.

I was sick this week- I had strep throat.  I haven't had that in years!! I am on antibiotics now and so it is better.  Yesterday I had to drive to Phoenix (still feeling sick) to see a gastro-enterologist.  I will find out in three weeks if I actually have celiac or if it's just a gluten intolerance.  I am glad to know!!!

This is another case where I wish we had a full length mirror because I looked really cute yesterday!! But no pics! So I am going to do my best to get back on track next week. Especially since the following week I will be MIA again.....for the most part.

Monday, July 23, 2012

Today is Monday.....

Today is Monday.   Today felt like Monday.  Things are finally starting to go back to normal- somewhat.  Last week was such an adjustment.  And so compared to last Monday, today was a Saturday!!

Last Monday was rough.  It was a major lesson in appreciation, understanding, and communication.  I am really glad last Monday didn't repeat this Monday.

I had been gone for a week and returned last Sunday (sorry for the week off, folks, last week was a definite adjustment!).  I was soooo tired.  Sunday I slept most of the day.  The little errands we did run I was in a daze and walked around like a zombie.  The problem was Bryce had an understanding that I would come back ready to basically take over (which I totally wish I could have!!) and though I had thanked him, felt under appreciated.  I understand, having been in his shoes, how that return feels a little lack luster.  I felt I had showed him understanding and appreciation.  But somehow, we lacked the communication- I had not explained to him well enough that I felt exhausted and couldn't function.  He had not communicated to me that he needed me to appreciate him or how he was feeling.

We found our way through the confusion.  We managed to find our words and talk about it.  But it is a lesson that we need to continue to communicate every expectation as well as every limitation to each other.  Open hearts and open words are what make marriage work.  They make every relationship work.  And it doesn't help to remember that even though today is Monday, don't worry- Friday isn't far away.

Wednesday, July 18, 2012

What I Wore Wednesday

I am  not linking up with the Pleated Poppy this week.  I am not posting pictures of what I wore.  This is a special "What I WoreWednesday".  This Wednesday I am going to talk a little about the importance of what to wear   Modesty is something that is foreign to our society-

Our society would think this is a valid dress (It was my bathing suit cover up).  I wear this dress a bit- as a shirt.  If I was shorter, I could get away with using this as a dress.  But I am not shorter, so it is a shirt.  One thing that people seem to forget is that your body shape makes a difference in how you wear your clothes.

I am a curvy girl- I would never wear this shirt without a tank or cami underneath it. A smaller busted girl could get away without one.

This is the way to wear a see through shirt- I have recently seen too many girls running around with their bra showing through a see through shirt like this.  Just because you are physically covered with fabric doesn't make it appropriate.  Wear a tank under a see through shirt- please, ladies. And especially so if it is see through shorts, wear some mini shorts!!!

Modesty is important.  There are many people more modest than myself.  There are many less so. I just think we as a society need to be dressing more like ladies and not like tramps and stop wondering why we get treated like we are selling it.  I will step off my soapbox and get back to the normal swing of things next week.

Wednesday, July 11, 2012

I've Been Absent-

I am at High School Youth Camp this week!! We are in California, and it is sooo hot!!! We are staying up late and getting up early.  I am telling you, exhausting.  I am going to try and post this week at some point.  I promise.  Until then, have a great time!! I am

Friday, July 6, 2012

Friends of Moms

     Friendship for mommies is such an important thing.  Your children and your spouse are not able to meet all your needs.  We need to be able to remember the part of us that is just a woman, just a person, just a fill in the blank that doesn’t revolve around our family.       Friends are who we turn to when we need advice about being a mom, clothes, meal planning, potty-training, etc.  
   But I have found that finding friends is such a challenge as an adult woman/stay at home mom.  I have a few friends that I talk to from college.  But it is mainly a Facebook relationship since we have moved (one lives in New Zealand now, some are  still in Phoenix, a couple are in Washington, and one is in Texas.  We are all in different places in our lives and really haven’t kept super close.  If you have kept in close relationships with your college/high school friends you are definitely ahead of the game.  
   One way that I quite often meet friends is play dates.  Actually most of the friends I have right now I have met through play-dates.  Having children is a very bonding thing.  We have a lot in common since most of the time it is like having the same career.  Another way is through your children’s activities and school.  I have met one friend that way so far.  It isn’t the best way to meet friends unless you are actively involved in the activities and school and so far I have not been able to be that involved.  A third way to meet friends your own activities- church, classes. hobbies, etc.  
   The hardest part of finding friends while having a family is that you are both obligated to your respective families.  A lot of times you want to make sure your husbands and children get along to a certain level also.  Not only that but there aren’t always opportunities to hang out and really get to know each other; especially without the kids.
    I have found that finding friends can be an awful lot like dating.  How soon do I call after we last hung out, how often do we hang out (especially since you are not seeing each other at work or school organically).  But it is worth the awkwardness to find those friends and have someone or a few someones who you can hang out with.

Thursday, July 5, 2012

Pinterest- The Doily Lamp

I have been wanting to make this for quite awhile now. I had run down to Phoenix and bought hanging bulb cords, searched the thrift stores for antique lace- I never found doilies so I got a table runner and cut it.  I found those HUGE balloons.  So I was finally able to do this craft.


 sat down with all my supplies- I found from another site that I needed wallpaper paste.

  So I had a tub of wallpaper paste, a brush, rubber gloves, the lace, bags to cover my workspace since we were out of newspaper, and music in the background!!  
I first had to blow up the VERY large balloon.

I tied off the balloon

Next, I cut the lace into strips and pieces to fit the balloon.

I placed the strips of lace on the balloon and painted the wallpaper paste on it.  I double layered some places and was VERY liberal with the wallpaper paste.  I ended up using the entire tub.

I don't know what I was thinking.  It is going to take a couple days for this to dry.  I started creating this last night.  I am hoping to have a finished product to show you tomorrow or next week.  I might even do a special post on Saturday just to show you how it turned out.

I am really hoping that this works and it is a beautiful lamp.  I love the vintage appeal and the beautiful whimsy and character of it.  So...stay tuned for the finished product.

Wednesday, July 4, 2012

What I Wore Wednesday- Happy 4th

Today is Independence Day here- I hope you are all being safe and happy 4th.  We are talking fashion again today and linking up with The Pleated Poppy.

       The day I wore this outfit Bella told me I looked like a teenager- I really had to laugh at that one!!!
                                                   Shirt- clearance at Old Navy
                                                   Shorts- cut from jeans I got at Good Will

                                     Shirt- local boutique
                                     Capris- Nine West from Sam's Club
                                      Shoes H&M

Shoes - Old Navy Clearance


                                                            Dress- Macy's years ago

                           Dress , vest, and shoes H&M (can you tell I love H&M??)
                          Jeans - Ross

Tuesday, July 3, 2012

Why Vegan- The Veginning....

My journey to becoming vegan really started 20 years ago.  I was raised in Michigan- a state where hunting is the state sport (much like football in Texas).  My dad was a hunter and I would every fall have to walk through a room with a carcass hanging there.  I started to draw the connection between that flesh hanging and the beautiful deer I saw running around.  At first I stopped eating venison.  Then I read "The Jungle" by Upton Sinclair and after about halfway through decided to give up all meat.  I was 12.

I was a very unhealthy vegetarian at first.  I would exist on potato chips, white bread, nachos, cookies, french fries, and apples (see- I did get some healthy fresh produce).  In college a friend started noticing I seemed under nourished and taught me a little more in depth how to feed myself.  Then some other vegetarian friends helped me as well.

Unfortunately I soon moved far away to Tucson, AZ.  I went from being surrounded by vegetarians and vegans and natural foodists, to having all my neighbors and friends being fast food junkies.  I remember (ok I don't remember but I was told by my friends) of the first stray back to meat.  I had had a few too many to drink and for some reason that was what I wanted.  I got very very sick.

I still maintained a mainly vegetarian diet for awhile.  Then I got pregnant with my oldest daughter.  I didn't know any vegetarians around and started craving protein.  I was young- 21- and without any guidance or support, I went back to meat. I ate meat during my pregnancy and really didn't want to.  After my beautiful Bella was born, I thought about going meatless again.  The thought honestly overwhelmed me.  I was a new mom and knew at this point I couldn't feed my daughter and myself on french fries.  It all seemed so daunting to me. So I stuck with meat.

A few years later I started trying to be vegetarian again.  At this point I was newly married and tried to get my husband in on the game- that didn't really work.  It lasted a week.  I was back and forth between eating meat and vegetarian for a few years.  I was moving more and more toward healthy eating.  I started eating "Kosher" well- not truly Kosher- but not eating bottom-feeders, pork, non-flying birds, etc.  I started being concerned with the quality of my food (I never liked supporting feed lots and other commercial meat suppliers).  I would eliminate all but fish (pescatarian) and include tons of fruits and vegetables.

About a year and a half ago I started searching for my "true self".  I had gotten lost in trying to be like other people around me, having three babies and all the other things that I had been doing.  I decided I would go back to being a vegetarian.  At the time I had no interest in being a vegan.  I thought being vegan would be too extreme.  I said "I will never give up eggs and cheese".  Well- never say never!!

The summer after going vegetarian I watched "Forks Over Knives" and learned how unhealthy eggs and cheese are for your body. You can find a wealth of information about that here  I also joined a vegan forum and started learning from people about the entire process of veganism.  I learned about PCRM (Physicians Committee for Responsible Medicine).  I started exploring the whole idea.  I did a PCRM kickstart (21 days where you are challenged to eat plant based ).

I was all set to go completely vegan, but then because of my thyroid I went to a naturopath. The naturopath I later found out was so biased on a meat based diet it was crazy.  She didn't know the research about eggs and cancer, or animal consumption and disease.  She pushed me to add in eggs and cheese.  It was so soon after my switch -  I knew I would never eat meat again, but the others were so fresh that I gave up that it was too easy to switch back.  I soon found out that she was not looking out for my health but her own agenda and started back down the vegan road.

This last winter I took another PCRM challenge and then read "Eat To Live".  I joined a Facebook group for vegan parents that offered some support.  I started watching You Tube videos by famous doctors who study plant based diet and health.  I learned so many different things about your health and diet (I will include them in the next post).  I also read "The China Study" and am planning on reading "Lean" and "The Starch Solution".  I am constantly putting the information about plant based diet in my life in an effort to encourage me.  I try and remember all the cruelty that is involved in dairy and egg industry.  It is a difficult journey since cheese is addictive.  For months after going "vegan" I would still sneak bites of my husbands ice cream or cheese nachos.  If I didn't buy it myself- it didn't count, right?? I am finally at a point where I don't allow myself the occasional cheese pizza or bite of ice cream.  I can find vegan alternatives and eat pizza with no cheese.

My husband did become a vegetarian in the process but not vegan.  I try to have my kids eat mainly vegan and teach them why we eat that way.  But it is ultimately their decision also. Being vegan is the best thing for my health, energy, etc.  I know I am treating my body right.  Right now I say I would never go raw....but never say never, right!?