Friday, June 8, 2012

American Girl Style

So my daughters have these dolls- one of them is an American Girl Doll, the other, not so much.  She is a cheap imitation.  And  I would love to go on about cheap imitations I will save that for another post.  I am using this post to talk about hair.  Detangling doll hair.

The American Girl Doll was easier to detangle (and now I understand why we spent a bazillion dollars more for her than the imitation)- there was a better quality to the hair  among other things.

I googled detangling doll hair and found this.  The lady who runs the site had some ideas.  So first I took the doll who was worse- can you guess which one that was???  And got a cup of hot water and a brush.  She recommends a wig brush but seeing as how I started this before reading and didn't have one of those, I washed a regular hair brush.   I brushed through the tangles as best as I could.

Then I noticed it was still frizzy and looked through the site (which by the way has amazing tips on doing doll hair and even how to re-wig it).  I saw that she recommended a "downy dip" well I didn't have downy liquid fabric softener.  I had dryer sheets!!  (darn I forgot to take a pic of this step) I put the sheets in bowls of water and let the dolls hair soak all day.  I set the dolls in the window when I was done and it worked pretty well.  When their hair was dry I brushed through.

They are not perfect, but better than before and am seriously considering re-wigging the imitation doll because of the quality.  But I will probably just bite the bullet and buy an American Girl Doll for my younger daughter.



  1. and maybe.... just maybe.... put some CLOTHES on them?????? Good to know for my three baby girls though

  2. LOL!! I had to take the clothes off to wash the hair