Thursday, May 24, 2012

Trusting and letting go

I have mentioned, I am sure, that I have hoshimoto's thyroid disease.  It has been a long road, a long and difficult road.  I thought I would share a little about my journey (and going).

I will go back to when I had my oldest daughter- that was 10 years ago.  I gained a whopping 70 lbs with that pregnancy due to stress and lack of knowledge.  That was hard for a 22 year old, but luckily I lost it all! And within 4 months.  I felt healthy and strong.  Throughout the next few years my weight fluctuated a little- 10-15 lbs, but not much.  Then I got pregnant with #2, things changed.  Despite eating healthy, I still gained 60 lbs, 10 in the first few weeks.  But went throughout  the pregnancy working hard to be healthy- and going to school...ok, so I wasn't THAT healthy.  But I figured it wouldn't be a big deal since I lost it so fast the first time.  Well, that didn't happen.  I struggled hard that first year of little Arydona's life.  I chalked it up to already having a daughter and everything else I was doing.  Then got pregnant twice that year (I miscarried the first- I got pregnant with that baby when Arydona was a whole 7 months old).  After Kai was born about a year after the miscarriage, I was ready to start trying to lose weight again.  I had worked out 2 hours a day during his whole pregnancy and watched every bite but still gained a bit for my size at the time.

   After Kai was born, I worked HARD to lose weight- I didn't miss a beat.  Actually, some people from my gym thought I never had the baby as I was working out again within a week or two of his birth.  (FYI- don't ask a lady who just had a baby when she will have her baby....bad form!).  I started off losing weight- and nursing my newborn round the clock was going to help! But it didn't.  I actually GAINED weight.  It made no sense- I had a feeling that my thyroid was off, but thought "It'll work itself out".  I let it go.  For a YEAR I let it go.  I ate as little as I could to fuel my body and still lose weight and did lose- slowly.  It was a year later that I finally started to have more symptoms.  My "bathroom" habits were irregular- I was lucky to go to the bathroom once a week.  I knew that wasn't healthy.  My hair started breaking at record amounts- which I at first shrugged off to post pregnancy hair loss.  I then started having joint pain and exhaustion.  I mean exhaustion- it was ridiculous. I would fall asleep mid-afternoon despite getting 9 hours of sleep and then still be tired.  After all these symptoms I finally went to the dr.   My TSH numbers were 13! (So there is an inverse relationship with thyroid numbers- high tsh means low thyroid...confusing I know) The acceptable range is 3.0-.3.

My Dr would not tell my why my thyroid was low- which I wouldn't take.  I found and endocrinologist and decided to find out what was up with my body.  She did the antibody test and determined that I did, in fact, have hoshimoto's.  For about a year I took synthroid- which worked at getting my numbers ok, but my symptoms never got better.  I then switched to Armour thyroid.  I have been on that for a year and a half.  My body is extremely sensitive to changes in the meds and it is still not completely better- but my symptoms are better.  I am finding that for right now at least, my body likes to be a little on the low side of normal.

Apparently the stress from three pregnancies in less than 2 years put a toll on my body and I developed the autoimmune disease.  It also runs in my family and will encourage my kids to get theirs checked regularly.  So if these symptoms sound familiar- or you are missing eyebrow hair on the outer third of your brows, experience cold when others are warm, if you are having unexplained blood pressure issues, or have a family history- get your thyroid checked.  Get it checked yearly or every couple years if you have a family history and especially if you have just a baby.  Thyroid disease is common and difficult.  If you have questions's website.  You aren't crazy, and you are not alone!

Despite all these horrid effects pregnancy has had on my body- I don't regret a thing!! I have 

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