Monday, May 14, 2012

Mother's Day Success

   I had a wonderful weekend.  The weather was perfect- sunny and warm.  Saturday we got to see some filming for the up-coming Food Network's Food Truck Race.  They were at the local health food store- filming crew and all.  It was very exciting for our sleepy mountain town!

Mother's Day was great.  Every 30 seconds I would hear a round of "Happy Mother's Day!!!!" Of course that was almost always preceded by an argument about who won at buckling their seat belt or who got to play with the sparkly star sticker.  It was definitely what I would expect from my family!!!  


     There was free photo sessions for families (mothers) and then we cuddled after lunch (more "Happy Mother's Days every few minutes), I got in some gardening and Bryce made me a fantastic plant based dinner.  We had PPK's Chesapeake Tempeh cakes  (AMAZING!! the recipe for that is here) some vegan béchamel  recipe here, roasted asparagus and some hash browns- it was amazing!!!  I am so proud of my husband for working so hard at making it!!! He even picked me some lilacs from our friends yard so the table smelled amazing.   

(Sorry, the picture of the food was from my phone, so quality wasn't the best)

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