Wednesday, May 16, 2012

30 and counting

Today is my husband's 30th birthday.  He has been trying to hang on to his 20's as long as possible- sorry, honey, you gotta let go!   I found this fun way to celebrate that would be right up his alley!!
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Birthdays are a big deal in our home.  It is your own special day!!! The spring is loaded with them though! Both daughters and I are in April and Bryce is in May- that is not counting our parents and extended family!! So 4/5 of our family has birthdays within 6 weeks of each other- talk about busy season!!

So for Bryce's birthday we are making not huevos rancheros with country gravy (trust me it is ahhhmaazing! ) and raspberry cupcakes and going to Vegas!!!!  We leave tomorrow!!! I can't wait- look forward to some great posts about that!!  We are leaving the kids with Nani and Papi for the weekend and Daddy and Mommy get some lovely couple time.  We were gifted some tickets to "The Blue Man Group" and we are so excited.  We are scheduling relaxing by the pool so we can make sure that happens!!

 Part of being married is making sure you remember that you are the most important part of the family.  The parents are the center of the marriage.  Think of it like a house- you need a good foundation to make sure the house stands.  You have to maintain the foundation, or the whole house will fall.  So we are going away to strengthen the foundation.


  1. awww ... cute idea ... I LOVE THIS! pippa

    1. Thanks!! He loved it too, when I gave it to him.