Monday, May 21, 2012

Mac And Cheese- well, not really....

I love macaroni and cheese. Always have.  I had made accommodations to it when I found out I had to eat gluten free, but still ate it about the same way as before- just different noodles.  Well, this last year I have wavered between vegetarian and vegan and have settled closer to vegan (I am not strict due to a lot of dietary restrictions I already have - so if I find a gluten free pastry or bread when we are out I will eat it even if it is not vegan) at home we are 100%vegan.  I like it so much! I feel so much better, my skin is so much better, my digestion is better, so much has improved.  However, I have tried a bunch of different cheese substitutes that I don't like.  I have scoured the blogs and cookbooks for macaroni and cheeze recipes and none of them have appealed to me- until now!!!

I stopped by Gluten Free Goddess and found an amazing recipe!!! We had it for dinner tonight and it was by far the best recipe for a vegan mac and cheeze that I have actually liked (little B even had 2 bowl fulls!!!)  It wasn't oil free- I will have to work on a way to do an oil free rue- but it cut the oil in half- which was a start, right!! Anyway, I added sun dried tomatoes and white beans for protein.  It was the perfect meal for our first meal at home since the trip. Unfortunately I don't have a picture....but use your imagination and enjoy this lovely pic of my kids at the lake....not anything close to mac and cheeze but they are so cute, aren't they!??

adjusted from the Best Cheesy Uncheese Sauce c/o gluten free goddess
Cheesy uncheese sauce-

2 tbs oil
2 cloves garlic chopped
5 tbs rice flour
2.5 cups of nondairy milk (I used oat milk, you can use any unsweetened milk)
1 tsp salt
1/2 tsp tumeric
1 tbs rice vinegar (I used garlic infused)
1 tbs onion powder
1/2 tsp honey mustard
1/4 cup white wine

Heat the oil in a pan. Chop garlic while the oil is heating then add garlic to the oil. Turn the heat down to Med.  Almost immediately add the rice flour.  Stir the flour with the oil until mixed through.  You may have to add a little more oil.  Slowly add the nondairy milk whisking while adding to the mix.  Before it is completely mixed in add in the salt and turmeric and continue to mix until smooth.  Add rice vinegar and mix until smooth.  Mix onion and mustard and when fully incorporated add in white wine, stir until smooth.  Keep mixture on the back burner until bubbling for 5 min.  Then cover over pasta, potatoes, vegetables, anything you can think of!!!

add any vegetables or flavors that you like- like I said we had it with sun dried tomatoes and white beans.

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