Sunday, May 20, 2012

So was amazing!!!
Look forward to some great What I Wore Wednesday from Vegas! We road tripped it from Flagstaff to Phoenix to drop off the kids then headed up from Phoenix

We got to the hotel at 10pm on Friday and got changed and roamed the building.  We stayed at the stratosphere and decided to go up to the top and see the view from up there.  It was amazing.  People were jumping off the top of the building!!!!! It was pretty wild.

We went to buffets and had AMAZING food!!!! One of them had cotton candy!! Yummmmm.  We saw Madonna's dress at Planet Hollywood and even  had a meal in a downtown Paris street. We got to kiss in the streets of "Paris"! We made sure to do a lot of working out to combat all the rich food, though!!

We had the opportunity to sit in the front row center of The Blue Man Group- which is a show I truly recommend! It was fantastic and amazing- despite having banana splattered all over me.  Hence me having to wear a snazzy parka.  It was a funny show and had really great music.  It was a definite highlight of the weekend- we got to get a picture with a Blue Man.

It was so nice to wake up late and go out to dinner without the kids.  What a fantastic blessing!! Bryce's 30th birthday was a gift for me too!  And they had a great time with Nani and Papi- they went to an Aquarium and a movie and all kinds of kid fun.  They even loved the souvenirs we got them- two got hats and the third got a cute!

If you can swing it- I totally recommend a weekend or even a night away from the kids with your spouse- it was such a bonding experience and you will need to know what it is like one day when the kids move out of the house!

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  1. Getting time alone without kids is amazing :)

    Blue Man Group is really fun. A guy I went to college with is a Blue Man. Pretty cool job!