Thursday, May 10, 2012

A Good Leader

So on Tuesdays the younger two kids have a sports class called Sporties For Shorties.  It is a great way for the kids to get some exercise and learn sportsmanship.  The kids have so much fun.  And last Tuesday was rock wall climbing.  The kids strap on the ropes and harnesses then climb this 20 foot rock wall- ok, so they might not climb all 20 feet, but they do their best.  I watched as the children- scared and unsure- climbed up as high as they could go.

There were two different coaches who helped the children climb.  As I watched the children climb up, I started noticing that there were differences between the two coaches.  I noticed that one of the coaches was repeatedly getting the children higher and on the rocks longer than the other.  At first I thought it was just a coincidence with the children who were going to the respective coaches.

As I watched, I noticed that there were certain qualities that first coach had over the second.  The first coach (whose students were not getting as high) was quick to tell the kids to grab the ropes and swing down.  In fact this coach seemed to almost encourage them to get down faster. The children left this coach just as scared and unsure as when they started.  The second coach would encourage the kids, cheer them on.  He was patient and pushed the kids past where their comfort zone was.  The coach would wait for the kids to really be ready before the swing down was suggested. He asked them to go beyond what they thought they could, patiently waiting and setting them back when they came off too soon.  He was there if one of the kids fell and they were always in his confident hands.  The kids with this coach not only got higher on the wall, they came down excited and proud.  The other children seemed afraid and unsure.

As I watched the differences between the coaches.  I started thinking about how God treats us.  He is patient, He encourages us, and He pushes us.  He asks us to step outside our comfort zones and asks us to go beyond what we think we can do.  He always has us in His confident hands and will catch us when we fall.  We may be afraid when He brings the challenge in our path, but at the end we grow and are stronger and more confident.  Aren't you glad He isn't like the first coach??  Aren't you glad that there is a God who is there to guide us in the right foothold and won't let us fall down????

God bless!!

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