Monday, July 23, 2012

Today is Monday.....

Today is Monday.   Today felt like Monday.  Things are finally starting to go back to normal- somewhat.  Last week was such an adjustment.  And so compared to last Monday, today was a Saturday!!

Last Monday was rough.  It was a major lesson in appreciation, understanding, and communication.  I am really glad last Monday didn't repeat this Monday.

I had been gone for a week and returned last Sunday (sorry for the week off, folks, last week was a definite adjustment!).  I was soooo tired.  Sunday I slept most of the day.  The little errands we did run I was in a daze and walked around like a zombie.  The problem was Bryce had an understanding that I would come back ready to basically take over (which I totally wish I could have!!) and though I had thanked him, felt under appreciated.  I understand, having been in his shoes, how that return feels a little lack luster.  I felt I had showed him understanding and appreciation.  But somehow, we lacked the communication- I had not explained to him well enough that I felt exhausted and couldn't function.  He had not communicated to me that he needed me to appreciate him or how he was feeling.

We found our way through the confusion.  We managed to find our words and talk about it.  But it is a lesson that we need to continue to communicate every expectation as well as every limitation to each other.  Open hearts and open words are what make marriage work.  They make every relationship work.  And it doesn't help to remember that even though today is Monday, don't worry- Friday isn't far away.

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