Thursday, July 5, 2012

Pinterest- The Doily Lamp

I have been wanting to make this for quite awhile now. I had run down to Phoenix and bought hanging bulb cords, searched the thrift stores for antique lace- I never found doilies so I got a table runner and cut it.  I found those HUGE balloons.  So I was finally able to do this craft.


 sat down with all my supplies- I found from another site that I needed wallpaper paste.

  So I had a tub of wallpaper paste, a brush, rubber gloves, the lace, bags to cover my workspace since we were out of newspaper, and music in the background!!  
I first had to blow up the VERY large balloon.

I tied off the balloon

Next, I cut the lace into strips and pieces to fit the balloon.

I placed the strips of lace on the balloon and painted the wallpaper paste on it.  I double layered some places and was VERY liberal with the wallpaper paste.  I ended up using the entire tub.

I don't know what I was thinking.  It is going to take a couple days for this to dry.  I started creating this last night.  I am hoping to have a finished product to show you tomorrow or next week.  I might even do a special post on Saturday just to show you how it turned out.

I am really hoping that this works and it is a beautiful lamp.  I love the vintage appeal and the beautiful whimsy and character of it.  So...stay tuned for the finished product.

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