Friday, July 27, 2012

Friday With Friends

Today was Friday- it is officially the weekend!! We got a head start on weekend plans.  We went through all the kids' clothes and got rid of A TON of stuff, washed their sheets, scrubbed some crayon off the wall, and even ran a few errands.  We accomplished quite a bit- so I felt it was deserving to go and visit some friends who I had not seen in several years.

They were staying a few miles away at a campground in the National Forest.  I drove out there- barely beating the rain- to hang out with them for a bit.  The last time I had seen them Kai was only a baby, and as a matter of fact we were trying to decide if they had even met Kai.  We got there, after driving around the forest for a bit and stumbling upon their campsite by chance, just in time for the rain to come down.  Luckily they had an awning set up we could sit under.

The kids had a blast running around finding bugs and climbing trees with my friends' kids.  They all got good and muddy- as is the marker for a day well spent in childhood!  And came home exhausted.  There was no fight this evening for bedtime!!! (I am contemplating taking them to the woods to run around every evening before bed).

It is always so good to see friends you haven't seen in awhile- which is part of the reason we stayed for so long talking.  It was hard to leave, knowing that we wouldn't see them again for another year or perhaps longer.  But thankfully Mark Zuckerberg created this nifty little internet tool called Facebook and we can be a part of each others' lives from across the world.

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