Thursday, January 22, 2015

Worship Wednesday:

That movie Aladdin? Who didn't love the Genie????? He was literally the best part of the whole movie.  He was funny and flashy.  And HEY!  He would give Aladdin anything he wanted- except killing someone or making someone fall in love with him or wishing for more wishes. 

So many people look at God like The Genie.  He should give them whatever they want, right? If I pray, and maybe rub my bible, God will grant my wish.  God should be there to save me when I am in trouble and stay in his magic lamp the rest of the time. 

Well, first, God isn't in a lamp.  He won't stay in that lamp or that bible until you call on Him. He won't force Himself on us but He won't stay in a lamp when we have chosen to follow Him.  He is majestic and that means He is the king.  It is for God to decide if and when He comes to our aid or if He lets us sit it out and learn the lesson He has planned out.  Sometimes that is a hard thing to do.  Sometimes it down right sucks!  Remember when you were a kid and you got in trouble? Maybe your parents took tv away, maybe they grounded you, maybe you got a swat on the butt.  Any way it happened- it was painful.  It was difficult.  Sometimes discipline is hard. Sometimes God turns his ear away from us if we are holding on to a sin that He wants gone.  Psalm 66:18 talks about this.  God doesn't want sin to come in between Him and us.  So if we are cherishing sin more than Him (which in and of itself is a sin), then He doesn't hear our prayers.  But sometimes the answer is no, or wait.  If we choose to follow God, we have to be ok with that.  If we choose God, we have to be ok with what God chooses for us.

Genies work for us.  But the fact is we work for God.  We were designed to worship and it is God that we were created to worship. 

The second reason that God is not like that Genie- He is so much better!! He doesn't have restrictions.  God is in charge of life and death (though we don't get to request that He off anyone as much as we want to, that is God's decision) He chooses when life is created, when it ends and everything in between.  Also, Love, He can cause love to happen.  He can soften a heart or harden it.  He is omnipotent and therefore trumps that Genie!!

So He is worthy of worship and deserves our praise no matter what!!!!!

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