Tuesday, January 13, 2015

Wonder Weeks

So it has been six years since we have had a new baby in our family.  That is a long time to forget how much babies need Mommy!! This past week Baby Blysse has been going through what I found out is called a "leap" it was discovered by this man Dr Frans Plooij.   He studied the development of babies for 35 years and wrote a book called "The Wonder Weeks".  It describes how all babies develop their milestones along a similar time line and during times of mental growth go through a similar state of being- clingy, trouble sleeping etc.  This made sense to me because, although I didn't have the book with my older kids, I noticed right before they learned a new skill they would have trouble sleeping or be cranky. 

So Blysse is on her second leap.  Her first seemed to be so easy and we barely noticed it except she had a seeming growth spurt during it for a day or two.  So these "leaps" should be no big deal right? No such luck.  She has been so very clingy and she startles easily now.  Her crying has turned to tears and she wants to literally nurse around the clock.  We bed share so that part isn't such a big deal. Minus the part where from 4 am til 6 am she tosses and turns and wants to nurse constantly. She goes back to sleep around 6. Great! right when I need to get up and get the kids up and around.  Needless to say I have been a little tired and crabby the last couple days.  

If you have a young child under 2 I recommend this book and there is even an ap for it.  It explains when the leap will happen, how long it will happen, what to expect during the leap and what to look for after the leap is over.  It has given me a lot of clarity about what I should expect to see when she goes through these leaps and has even helped me to prepare for what will happen. 

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