Wednesday, August 3, 2011

The Stinky Internet

I have been MIA for few days because the internet has been wonky. I marvel at the fact that a decade ago I had only begun to understand the internet, and now I am literally hooked. I mean it is on my phone, I have wi-fi for the laptop, as well as being connected on the actual computer, I have an e-reader, and we have a blue-ray disc player that has a wi-fi connection and gets You Tube and netflix!
It is amazing to me how connected that our society has become- yet how disconnected we seem. If we take a look at society, we see how little interaction we actually have with people compared to the generations before us. In generations before the neighbors people had were an integral part of their lives. Kids played together, people drank iced tea together on the front porch- I mean at least they did on the Andy Griffith show, right!?
Today most people don't even know their neighbors first names. We have known our neighbors scantily before- the names, maybe said hi here or there. We are currently living in the first home where we know the majority of our direct neighbors and that is because most of them work with my husband!
The internet is an amazing tool. But I see it taking the place of real life, in my own life quite often, as well as others. I use it as a way to be connected, but then I see it distracting me from God. I am often on the internet when I should be praying. I am regularly reading a blog or two instead of my bible. These are definitely the draws of the internet- I mean I get facebook notifications on my phone- that I take with me everywhere I go!!
I know that I need to take a step back and I am learning to discipline myself to turn to God first and and my online forums second. That is a discipline of the spirit. I think it is a good thing to step back and see if there is anything in your life that is becoming your go-to; that is anything other than your Lord.

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