Wednesday, August 17, 2011

Character Challenge

We have recently started having some challenges in our home. I had a serious surgery on my foot a little under a month ago. I am not allowed to put weight on my foot for a total of 8 weeks so that is giving me just over a month more of not being able to walk. For a woman who has two small children and looks at running as an equal to chocolate in a feel good blessing in life- that is a serious challenge. I have found that housework is often not possible to accomplish and as such my home looks like a college frat-house, my children are having to solve their own issues more often as I cannot run to the rescue- or run at all for that matter, and my attitude is absolutely grumptastic! (My podiatrist offered Bryce some meds to deal with me in my lack of mobility!! tee hee)
This has given me a time to really think about the times in life when things are a challenge. God allows us to go through difficult seasons in our lives- some more than others. These are times when we are supposed to be learning something. It is so easy to just complain about the challenge. It is easy to forget that God is in control. However, if there is a lesson to be learned in this season of challenge- it is well suited that we are quick to learn it! Otherwise, the liklihood is that we will be blessed to repeat it!
I know that first hand in my life. I have had to endure the same challenge a few times in my life. It is primarily my dependence on others as opposed to God. In past experiences I have been more likely to draw nearer to friends or significant others than I have to draw nearer to God. I recently have learned (after about 4 different seasons of the same trial) to draw nearer to God when dealing with big trials in my life. I advise that instead of following in my stubborn footsteps that all of you, dear readers, would trust only in the power and comfort of the Almighty.
James 1:2 tells us to "Consider it pure joy, brothers and sisters, whenever you face trials of all kinds" This sounds like a joke- seriously? rejoice in trials? Yes! I say wholeheartedly that we can all rejoice in trials. Now I don't suggest we all go out and beg God to try us- that will come on its own! But when it does come, I suggest you look at it as an opportunity to grow more into the image of Christ. It is a beautiful joy to become a more lovely and into who God has envisioned for you to be!

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